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Baroda Management Association, January 08, 2016 (Friday)


1. Tell us something about your journey so far?
It all started from Pakistan. Even before the partition of India we had our own Pan Shop, just besides a movie theatre, in Larkana district of Pakistan and it was run by my Grandfather. In 1947, at the time of Partition, we only managed to save our lives and lost everything in Pakistan while our family temporarily settled in Haridwar (Uttarakhand) and later moved to Vadodara in search of employment. I was about 4 years old at the time and my father started working at a Pan shop located near Sursagar Lake to run our home. I and my brother joined our father at the same shop soon after and at a very young age. My Grandmother, Bhagwatiben, gave away all her gold ornaments that she had managed to carry along with her and had helped us immensely in purchasing our own Pan Shop in Vadodara in the 1980s.We operated from a small shop until 1997 and then finally started the a�?PARAS PAN SHOPa�� that we have in Alkapuri, Vadodara. Today we have four branches of Paras Pan in Vadodara.

2. Give us your views on branding in reference to Paras Pan and how does a�?Paras Pana�� emerge as a different brand fromothers?
When we talk of Paras Pan, we have never made concerted efforts in a�?brandinga��. We have only strived to keep our customers satisfied and happy and that in turn has worked in our favour to build the brand a�?Paras Pana�� that we have today.
I feel that in todaya��s day and age, Branding is absolutely necessary. It is because of Branding that we get orders from not only the Indian cities but also from abroad. Branding helps a business to grow faster and to reach at a global platform.
Paras Pan offers more than 75 varieties of ready-made pans. We have twenty types of Ice-cream pans, twenty five types of Cadbury pans, twenty types of Mitha pans and ten types of Soft Drink pans. Fire Pan, Soft Drink Pans and Icecream Pans are our specialties. We take great pride in making the pans that we make and in maintaining the quality that we have successfully maintained over the years.

3. What according to youwould be the key to enhance branding as far as your products are concerned?
a�?Customer Satisfactiona�� is the one word answer. To keep our customers satisfied and happy, we follow the strategy of being proactive rather than being reactive. Our staff is trained to quickly identify the specific requirements and needs of our regular customers. Even before our regular customers ask for anything, we offer them what they are looking for. We customize our products as per the requirement of our customers. Apart from these, Quality is one thing which we strongly emphasize on. We have maintained the Quality and taste of our Pans throughout the years and this is one thing which will never change at Paras Pan. We at Paras Pan firmly believe that our brand has been build only and only by our loyal customers.

4. Where do you see your brand in five years from now?
We already have our clients abroad and we take many orders of NRIs on a daily basis. Now we are planning to expand and open up our outlets in Indian cities. Many of customers in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Indore, etc have been making continuous demands to open our outlets in their cities. We hope to start at least five new outlets in the next five years in Indian market.

5. You are into the business of tobacco related products. Have you ever faced challenges from any social group or other governmental bodies?
By the grace of god, we have never ever faced any such challenge. We take due care not to encourage any illegal activity in and around our premises. And in fact many of our pans serve as medicines for many minor ailments.

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